Fathia Balogun had nothing to do with my broken marriage – Moji Olaiya

Popular actress, Moji Olaiya, tells ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her career and why she walked out of her marriage
You are in a soon to be released soap, Glass House. How did it come about?
A producer we call Jerry (Isichei) produced it. I am a major cast in the series.

Most people know you as a Yoruba actress, but you are now featuring in an English series…
But this is not my first job in English. Don’t forget that I came to the limelight through Super Story and which of course, was in English. I am also in Nowhere to be Found, which is another popular soap.

We learnt that you played the role of an illiterate woman in Glass House
Yes, and it was very challenging. I got married to a bank chairman in the series and I am also a publisher. I played ‘Moji’ even in the series. The character is just a very funny person. I must tell you the soap is very interesting. I am very happy I played that part.

 You have not produced any movie in recent times…
The last movie I produced was last year and it even won an award. It was premiered in Canada at the Toronto film festivals. The market is not really encouraging now. That is why most producers are really calming down to see the outcome of this piracy issue. That is why most people are not doing movies now.

 Are you saying you didn’t make enough from your last movie?
We didn’t make what we expected because of piracy. However, the movie sold. It won the best movie award at last year’s Yoruba Movies Academy Awards. It was also screened at the Africa Movies Academy Awards.


Afrocandy Blasts Nigerians Who Watch Big Brother Africa

The controversial Nollywood actress/artist/song/Pornster & script writer, producer Judith Magazgwu a.k.a Afrocandy on August 8, 2013, dissed Nigerians on her official page on Facebook for watching Big Brother Arfica reality show.
The reasons for such an outrage still remain vague. Check out her the full text below (style unchanged):

So you guys have to pay additional money to the Cable Companies to watch some ‘TASTELESS SEX SCENES’ by some dirty, ugly Bitches on BBA? Sex scenes that cannot move a single hair on my body?

South Africa is busy making Millions out you, using it to fix their Country while you are all fooling around and calling yourselves ‘CONSERVATIVE CULTURAL PEOPLE’ MEANWHILE YOUR YOUTHS ARE ROAMING THE STREETS HUNGRY, TOURISM IS A COMPLETE ZERO, YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE IN A COMPLETE SHAMBLE.

Tell me if the Government would allow such Program if it was created by a Nigerian? HELL NO! INSTEAD EVERYONE WILL TURN TO PASTORS AND START PREACHING ABOUT THE END TIME JUST LIKE IN MY CASE. They would tell you ‘it’s not our culture,’ Culture my foot!

All you holier than thaws are hiding in your bedrooms watching it and you come out to pretend like you don’t. Some day you will all wake up to see that you have nothing more to brag about or live on……GIANT OF AFRICA MY ASS! Ya’all can kiss my Juicy Brown ass!